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Metmaacher Klaaf:Mathonius

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Hello, someone open me a wiki (my name is Petite Meller) in this germanic dialect which i cant understand, the date of birth is untrue and everything is not updated and its harassing me. I need it to be removed immediately. but i dont know this languish. i tried to edit it but someone blocked the option. please let the right people know about this. Thank you. --

Dear Petite Meller, this is the Ripuarian Wikipedia, so all articles on this wiki should be written in the Ripuarian language. You've replaced the content of the article "Petite Meller" with English text. That's why your edits have been reverted. Jüppsche has protected that article against further edits. He understands English as well, so please explain the problem on his talk page and await his reply. Kind regards, Mathonius (Klaafe) 01:33, 25. Auj 2012 (CEST)[Beantworten]

I deleted the article but offerd a translation in English to demonstrate that the article offered just facts. Should the IP suggest to undelete the article after reading the translation and wish to add updated information this should be written to my directly. Mathonius, thank you for your support. I gave up administrating this wikipedia but as it was one of my articles I think it is my duty to take care. Regards --BBKurt (Klaafe) 15:02, 25. Auj 2012 (CEST)[Beantworten]