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Metmaacher Klaaf:Carsrac

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Uß de Wikipedia

I think your bot ReDirBot does not work very well it did create a lot of redirect to it's own home page.

As you can see if you follow this link I have tried to count the incorrect links, but I have stopped by 3000. Carsrac 00:58, 16. Apr 2008 (CEST)[Beantworten]

I know. This feature was introduced with the new wikicode parser. ReDirBot has been stopped until the affected pages have been fixed. Although the bot can easily create pages which even the new parser does not link to its user page, fixing double redirects to these pages the usual way does not make sense, does it? --Purodha Blissenbach (Klaaf) 12:55, 16. Apr 2008 (CEST)[Beantworten]

+cat (Watt ėßß datt?)

[der Quälltäx ändere]

I don't understand the logic behind placing the cat's on this wiki at the (Watt ėßß datt?) articles. Just look at article de:FF and FF (Watt ėßß datt?) Carsrac 21:26, 13. Apr 2008 (CEST)[Beantworten]

At the other wiki's the disambiguation pages are getting a the category disambiguation, but not the categories of all the articles that the disambiguation page is refering to. There are more possible categories disambiguation pages could fit in, but those are categories only for disambiguarion pages. I was only wondering what the local reason is to do it different. I did clearify it in english because I can read German, but I'm good enough in it to write correctly in it aspecial if it such a complex situation like this. Carsrac 00:28, 16. Apr 2008 (CEST)[Beantworten]
  • Also we do not add the categories of all the articles that the disambiguation page is refering to.
  • We do add categories of these disambiguation entries that do not have pages referred to having these categories, or that refer to pages of a completely different name. For excample, an ISO 3166 code, if it appears in a disambiguation page,
    1. adds a link to the article about the country, plus
    2. the Category:ISO 3166, since the code is part of the standard, and the
    3. category of the country, since the title of the article about the country is not "code (something)"
I hope that clarifies things a bit. You can also always ask: what categorization is needed so as to find this disambiguation page per its title unless there is a more obvious page to go to which is as well found via this very same title.
We should have a help page explaining this, I believe. --Purodha Blissenbach (Klaaf) 13:18, 16. Apr 2008 (CEST)[Beantworten]

Hi Carsrac, please stop vandalizing. If you want to correct interwiki links please do it on Wikidata, not here on Ripuarian Wikipedia. Thank you very much. --Holder (Klaafe) 08:24, 7. Jun 2013 (CEST)[Beantworten]