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Come on! You are now apperently only frustrating! You just created an account, after a vote has finished you vote against people, and then declare with the new count that the vote was with other results? Effeietsanders 13:41, 25. Jan. 2007 (UTC)

Discussion and election rules[der Quälltäx ändere]

Since you appear new here, I would like to explain the discussion and election rules which we have here:

  • it is okay to take part in any discussions here. It is not okay to modify somebody else's entries as you have done on Wikipedia:Köbes-Wahl. This is regarded as vandalism. Please stick to this rule. Since discussion pages cannot be protected, I will have to block you, should you vandalize talk pages once more.
  • your vote in the running elections is not counted since you have done no article edits so far
  • your are suspected to be a sockpuppet. Should this suspicion turn out to be true, you will be blocked.

Düüvelskääl 17:40, 25. Jan. 2007 (UTC)

Hi Satansbraten, welcome to the Wikipedia of Ripuarian languages!
Düüvelskääl is true in that it is not a good idea to modify someone else's statements in Discussions, except maybe for apparent, disturbing errors, e.g. misformattings, or mistyped links.
Vandalism is something else. What Düüvelskääl wrote is nonsens. See MetaWiki for more information.
Düüvelskääl must not block your access to Wikipedia for writing on Talk pages. He can, but that will likely not persist, and I think, he would loose the right to block others, if he abused it.
Btw. talk pages can be write protected, contrary to what Düüvelskääl wrote, only, it does not make much sense, does it?
Do vote, if you like. There is currently no limitation as to who can vote.
Abuse of sockpuppets, such as securing youself an additional vote in an election, or other devious use, is of course not legitimate. In that regard, we trust your honesty.
Otherwise, using sockpuppets is perfectly acceptable. We do know that there may be viable reasons to do so. You cannot be blocked for it. Don't let Düüvelskääl threaten you.
--Purodha Blissenbach (Klaaf) 22:29, 29. Jan. 2007 (UTC)

reply to Düüvelskääl + Effeietsanders[der Quälltäx ändere]

Dat jiddet jaanit!

The election was announced to run for 1 month. This is from 2006 Dec. 7th to 2007 Jan. 6th. There were 4 candidates. One of them was voted 1 / 1, all others have not got a single pro-vote but contra-votes and neutral-votes. As a result no one was elected. No bureaukrat election was announced. Nobody announced that they will be agreeing to be elected.

Düüvelskääl made a falsification of election results. (Un sujät maach ene Satansbroode nit.) Düüvelskääl has to resign (abdikate) from the honory-posts Köbes and bureaukrat.

--Satansbraten 22:38, 26. Jan. 2007 (UTC)

Sorry, not all of what you write is true:

  1. no contra votes could be counted, since User:De Klütteboor had no real article edits before. It has not been stated explicitly, but it is a common policy in most wikipedias that users which have no article edits are not counted.
  2. I counted the proposal as a pro vote
  3. the election ran for 4 weeks, but we forgot to close it on time. This does not make the results invalid.
  4. if you disagree with my decision, the vote can be repeated (which is currently the case). Your vote will however not be counted, since you had no article edits at the time of the vote.
  5. if you want me to resign, you can start a vote on Wikipedia:Köbes-Avwahl.

Düüvelskääl 17:03, 27. Jan. 2007 (UTC)

m:User:Peterretep[der Quälltäx ändere]

Wie mer he süht, bes do dä selve wie m:User:Peterretep. Do bes och dä selve wie andere Metmacher, mer wesse ävver nit, wer, vielleicht könns do ons hölpe? Düüvelskääl 18:17, 29. Jan. 2007 (UTC)

Wat sull dä Käu? Wä im Metawiki Peterretep heiss, kann doch in dr Ripuarische Wikipedia Satansbraten heisse oder in dr Kisuaheli Wikipedia Toppmapu. Iss doch nomaal oder? Evver ne andere Metmaacher ben isch nit, isch ben isch. Wurden Sie geholfen (wootsde jehölept)?--Satansbraten 23:43, 30. Jan. 2007 (UTC)

Do kanns heiße wie de wells, dat es klor, do häs de rääsch. Ävver et süht natürlij jet komisch us, wann mer jo net metschriev en en Wikipedia, ävver sich övver Wahle oprecht un op Meta unger enem anderen Nom Andrääch stellt, die jar net zulässich sin (Köbes-Avwahle mösse he jemaat weede, luur he för de Rejele. Et hätt ad Lück jejevve, die hän esuch versöök, Avstemmunge ze beeinflusse, ohne ihre Nome ze nenne. Dat es verbode. Wann dat bei dir nit esuh es - es et joot. Ävver wann do he wirklij methölpe wells - jo vielleich schrievs do jo jet? Düüvelskääl 09:40, 1. Feb. 2007 (UTC)

Tach[der Quälltäx ändere]

Ich wollt nur mal ne Gruss loss werde. -- de neue 00:43, 2. Mäz 2007 (UTC)