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You should apply for a Botstatus at ksh-Wikipedia otherwise we have to block your bot at this wikipedia. Please apply urgently. --BBKurt 11:02, 23. Jan 2011 (CET)[Beantworten]

Thank you for your request. Now it is up to our Administrator Purodha when it will be changed. Regards --BBKurt 20:56, 23. Jan 2011 (CET)[Beantworten]

All right, Thank you very much Mjbmr Talk 20:58, 23. Jan 2011 (CET)

Düüvelskääl has done it. Kind regards, --Holder 06:10, 25. Jan 2011 (CET)[Beantworten]

Thanks :) Mjbmr Talk 09:16, 25. Jan 2011 (CET)