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Almazán[der Quälltäx ändere]

Please, could you translate this article onto the language of this Wikipedia? Thanks for your help. If you wanna translate your city onto Aragonese, Spanish, Catalonian, Galician o Asturian language, tell it to me, please. I'm Chabi on Spanish Wikipedia. -- 20:36, 12. Dez 2007 (CET)

Daniel Schneidermann[der Quälltäx ändere]

Please write in a Ripuarian language if you want to contribute extended sections of text. The article about Daniel Schneidermann is likely to be deleted soon, unless someone translates the current mixture of non-Ripuarian languages. You are very welcome to contribute to the Wikipedias, but please put your contrbutions in the appropriate language editions. Otherwise, they are simply wasted as readers likely do not understand them anyways. Greetings --Purodha Blissenbach (Klaaf) 00:20, 13. Dez 2007 (CET)