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Bot[Ändere · der Quälltäx ändere]

== XXXXXXXBot in the Wikipedia for the Ripurian languages ==
Hi [[:User:XXXXXXXUsername|]],<br />
if you want to run a bot on the [[:ksh:|Wikipedia for Ripurian languages]],
please read the pages [[:ksh:Project:Bots]] and [[:ksh:Wikipedia:Interwiki_Links]].
After an initial testing period,
please ask for the bot flag for the bot account
on one of the [[:ksh:Special:Listadmins|Admins]] talk pages.
Not required, but nice is, to include a short statement about what the bot does,
on [[:ksh:Medmaacher:XXXXXXXBot|its user page]].
It's fine in English, German, French, or Nederlands, we shall add a translation.
Thank you for your consideration.
-- [[:ksh:Medmaacher:Purodha|User Purodha in the Wikipedia for Ripurian languages]] aka ~~~~

Redirect[Ändere · der Quälltäx ändere]

This is not a broken redirect but a correct reference to a page that needs to be written.
Please write it if you can.

Dat eß këij kapodde Ömlëijdong sunder_en Zäijshe dadd_en Sigk no_nit jeshrevve wood.
Kannz_E_ävvo_maache, loß_jonn!