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I write my comment in English, because this might become a case for our stewards who do not speak ripuarian. This article was written by Düüvelskääl and its title is spelled according to Adam Wrede. Therefore, in accordance with the last vote on spelling of templates (see here), only templates that are spelled after Adam Wrede are to be used in this article. Since an edit war is looming, I will protect this page until the controversy is resolved. I ask everybody, also admins, to discuss this topic on the talk page before reverting my edits. Düüvelskääl 23:21, 1. Dez. 2006 (UTC)

Purodha, if you think that the use of the dialect-template is incorrect, please discuss that here. Don't just revert changes. If you think that other dialects should be mentioned, you can modify the template easily. Düüvelskääl 16:26, 2. Dez. 2006 (UTC)

Reverting without making a comment here is mere vandalism. Düüvelskääl 19:56, 2. Dez. 2006 (UTC)

I had to revert vandalism again. There was no comment on the last changes. Düüvelskääl 09:40, 3. Dez. 2006 (UTC)

Again vandalized. Purodha, why don't you write an article in Ripoaresch Tön? Düüvelskääl 14:01, 3. Dez. 2006 (UTC)

Es jetz nohm Wrede/Akademie ömjeschrieve. De Ripuarisch Tön sin unger Spruut (Üvversich) ze finge. Wann wer he noch Fehler fingk, maat se selvs eruss, bidde. Düüvelskääl 16:18, 18. Jan. 2007 (UTC)