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Der Name der Seite[der Quälltäx ändere]

Jrußbrittannije (Koodo)??
In every other language of Wikipedia, this is a page about the country, not Koodo.
Guten Tag,
Mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut.
In allen anderen Sprachen Wikipedias, diese Seite redet vom Land, nicht Koodo.
Kann der Name gewechselt werden?
Danke sehr, Varlaam 18:00, 20. Mai 2010 (CEST) (in Kanada)

Hallo Varlaam, you are right. This article is of extremely low quality and I don't know why it was published. I will do my utmost to rewrite it. It will take me a few days but I am sure that it will satisfy your expectations. Regards --BBKurt 23:33, 20. Mai 2010 (CEST)

No problem. Thanks.
I am sure the content is interesting to someone. But it needs a different title.
Which city are you in? I am in Toronto.
Varlaam 00:07, 22. Mai 2010 (CEST)
Hi Varlaam, I modified the article and hope that it fits to the Wikipedia standards. Unfortunately there are lots of low quality articles in the ksh-Wikipedia. Nobody took care and it is nearly impossible to change them all. I heard a lot of excuses why things can not be done but unfortunately nobody did anything. Well, I hope that at least the article about the United Kingdom is done well. By the way, I am German and live near the German city of Aachen. Regards --BBKurt 10:00, 22. Mai 2010 (CEST)
Hi BBKurt, If you are an administrator who takes initiative, das ist ausgezeichnet. Ich habe keine Achtung vor manchen der Adminen auf englisch: nutzlos, unwissend, egozentrisch.
Aachen we traditionally call by the French name in English, but younger people probably only know it now as Aachen, not Aix. It's the city of Charlemagne, Karl der Große, correct? I have been to Germany 4 times, the last time in 1987. But never to Aachen. It is actually a city I want to see the next thing I am over there. But I really want to see Berlin again. On my last trip to Berlin, it was half Ostdeutschland. I like Germany; it's very friendly.
Varlaam 08:01, 28. Mai 2010 (CEST)
I have a quick question. Sütterlinschrift from the 1930s. Can you read that, or is it too difficult?
Varlaam 08:05, 28. Mai 2010 (CEST)
Hi Varlaam, thank you for your message. I think you shouldn’t compare ksh- with en-wikipedia. We are only a few people and all my attempts to increase our number failed. I have e. g. written mails to former active members, asking for their support, have written articles on different subjects to increase interest. Nobody showed interest in anything. The reason was obvious. There was trouble between members a long time ago, years before I started writing. Former active members don’t understand that writing in ksh-wikipedia is the support of a dying language and forget that our generation might be the last being able to write in this language. The number of Ripoarian-speaking people decreases dramatically.

In the meantime I learnt that former active members expected ksh-wikipedia to be a collection of funny Ripoarian words – nothing else. Nobody wanted to write real articles.

What can an administrator do? I don’t know and gave up looking for new members. As I like writing in this language I do just that.

To ask your question concerning Sütterling: I am sorry but I can’t write it. Even reading causes a lot of problems.

Regards --BBKurt 17:16, 28. Mai 2010 (CEST)